Cleaning iPad games for kids ( brain development game )

 Playing cleaning games can have several benefits for children. Here are some of them:

Development of Responsibility: Cleaning games can help children develop a sense of responsibility by teaching them to take care of their surroundings and keep them clean.

Problem-solving Skills: Cleaning games can involve different challenges that require problem-solving skills. For example, figuring out the best way to organize toys or cleaning up a messy room efficiently.

Time Management: Cleaning games can help children learn how to manage their time effectively, by setting goals and completing tasks within a set timeframe.

Motor Skills: Cleaning games can help children develop their fine motor skills, such as grasping and manipulating small objects, by engaging them in activities like sweeping, wiping, and picking up small items.

Social Skills: Cleaning games can encourage cooperation and teamwork, which can help children develop social skills such as communication and collaboration.

Overall, cleaning games can provide a fun and interactive way for children to learn valuable life skills while also keeping their environment clean and organized.

The iPad cleaning game we developed can help improve children's memory and improve brain development.

You can download Boys Room Cleaning iPad game for kids from the App Store. 

How to Play

Boy's room includes soothing background music for kids.

Click the title with children.

You can move into a small room.

The small room is messy.

It's a trace of a fairy playing all night.

Place the items on the carpet on the table top.

If you don't know where to put it, Click on the child character.

You can see the picture neatly organized.

Compare organized photos and organize 27 items with children.

Drag and drop the desired item with your finger.

If you drag an object to the same location as the organized picture, you can hear a sparkling sound at the same time.

The game is over when 27 objects are put back into place.


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